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Maj. Glen Penneywitt
Commander 1951-54


Col. Robert Reed
Commander, 1954-56












Lt. Col. Ed Allen
Commander, 1956-58





The 6912th Radio Squadron Mobile, originally the 12th RSM, was at Landsberg am Lech only from the early 1950's. The 12th RSM became the 6912th RSM in May 1955. The unit had three detachments at that time--one at Hof, one at Landshut, and one (RT only) in Vienna, Austria. The one in Vienna was closed when the four powers moved out of Austria in August and September 1955.



The 6912th RSM moved to Bingen am Rhein in June and July 1955. A group remained in Landsberg as Det. 1 and later moved to Landshut. The main body of Operations moved in July. The Squadron moved into the Operations site at Dromersheim overlooking the Nahe Valley about 16 Kms from Bingen. The Operations site was on a hill above the valley at the top of some vineyards. The antenna farm was in a field of wheat and other grains, possibly turnips, too.



Intercept operations took place in vans backed up to a cinder block building. The site was rather cramped on the side of the hill. The perimeter fence was just above the top row of grape vines. It took professionals to get the vans into the area; but many of us were given a short course on driving trucks to pull the vans. It was problematic whether or not the “mobile” in the unit's name could be effected with selected airmen driving those vans away from the building, out through the gate, and down the narrow and winding hillside and then negotiate the narrow, twisting streets of Dromersheim.


The 6912th did go MOBILE. Early in 1957, probably in the early spring, operations were moved to Kuberg Hill above Bad Kreuznach. The road up the hill to the Dromersheim site was badly in need of repair. While at Bingen/Dromersheim, the 6912th had a Detachment at Hof. There was also a Detachment for COMSEC (Communications Security) at Lindsay AB, Wiesbaden.


By 1959, the Landshut Detachment had been assigned to the 6910 th and moved to Sembach AFB. The 6912 th was moved from Bingen to Berlin. The 6912 th Radio Squadron (Mobile) became the 6912 th Security Squadron in July 1963, the 6912 Electronic Security Squadron in 1979 and one year later the 6912 Electronic Security Group.

The command has been through several iterations from USAFSS to ESC (Electronic Security Command) to AIA (Air Intelligence Agency) to a new organization under the Air Combat Command. The Command, as an independent organization, no longer exists but is headquartered on Security Hill, (originally part of Kelly AFB now closed) and is logistically attached to Lackland AFB. Thanks to John Kelley.